Thursday, November 6, 2008

Heee..Nothing much to say today.. just wanna share u this poem

I'm not looking for a relationship,
just a great and dear friendship.
no attachments,
come and go as we please.
Someone to talk with,
someone to spend time with.
One who has fun,
and likes to get things done.
Someone to share all my tears and laughter with,
one to make memories with.
A shoulder to cry on,
and someone to lean on.
One for what our friendship can give to each other.
One to share my hopes and dreams,
my deepest darkest thoughts,
my visions of life.
Someone to be honest,
one who will lend a helping hand,
when i'm falling face down in the sand.
A friend who will be true,
when were both down and out and blue.
I've waited all my life for a friend like you,
Let's be friends forever and true.


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