Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ahaaa.. Today ive just spending my time at home. Besides watching tv, i did something very important.. hehehe.. My bf help me to search on the for the internship program.. I uploaded my Resume n applied it to two companies which is stated at KL. My dad also said he can try to find a vacancy for me from his friend.. Ahh mujur sgt.. Hope sgt dapat buat Latihan Industri dengan baik next year.. LI tu akan bermula pada bulan May 2009. Actually banyak company dah tutup penyertaan. Sangat risau+ takut, really! Fuh.. kenelah tunggu dengan penuh kesabaran. Hopefully, dapat tempat kerja yang okay..Heeee

p/s: Thanx my dear, I LOVE U!


Attila razmie said...

Gudluck~!! :P

mimie kusya said...

eheeee.. thnx dear! muaxx

Monkey D Luffy said...

good luck ler

Liquid said...

good luck k. =)
hope dpt tmpt LI yg besh2. =D

mimie kusya said...

Dear all: Thnx so much kawan2!

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