Kehidupan Seharian Baru Saya..haha.. tajuk boring gilak

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hii assalamualaikum.. hehe how's everything? whoaa.. lame tak post entri rupenye.. im quite busy lately and nothing much to say.. Now i know exactly why people always said that the life of being student is much better than ever... memang pon.. i agreed! Lately, most people were keep asking for what im doing during my practical and also my new lifestyle ..Okeh.. here ya go.. marilah bace karangan bertajuk "Kehidupan Seharian Baru Saya"

During this practical period, i stayed with my aunty at Puchong, which i used to call Mummy..she had two beautiful kids..hehehe.. So, every morning, i woke up at 6 a.m and rush to the HILTI at 7 a.m which the journey takes about 30 min if im not stuck in a jam, of course. But mostly, saye akan stuck punye lah..traffic LOS F lagii! ahahaha.. kalau dah stuck, akan amik mase yang lame sgt.. haih.. Bundar sunway tak pernah tak jam.. Huh! disitu akan dapat tgk bermcm jenis perangai pemandu kerete..Then, i'll reach at the office around paling suke bile setiap pagi,i'll see the smiling face and greetings from the all the staff there .. terus bersemangat nak mule kerja.. heeeee..

Then, at till 5 at the office.. the 1st two weeks, we do a lot of training lessons.. belaja design anchors and rebar, Hilti's products, direct customer relationships and effective marketing. But starting from today, we going to follow our own buddy, either doing the design, go to the site, meeting the clients and so on.. Seronok training kat sini..

Then, after 5 pm, rush back home.. Macam biase.. akan stuck dalam traffic jam lagi..but its okay.. when i reach home, i will see the smiling face of my sweet cousins, kakak fiya and adik ammar.. semua kepenatan akan trus hilang.. malam nye akan spend time dgn mereka.. hehehe begitulah aktiviti saye for the whole week days.. Weekend akan balik ke Cheras..

Kakak Fiya si kakak nakal tapi manje

Adik Ammar yang manis dan hensem

okaylah..dats all for now.. mengantok sudah..taraaaa


Kimie said...

ni praktikal kompeni ape nih..

mimie kusya said...

opss.. lupe lak nak bgtau.. HILTI msia..kat area sunway..

thejijie♥ said...

hai kak piyah and adik ammarrr ku saayaannggg

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