Disappointing day..haha

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi all.. haha last time i was in a good mood to post an entry rite.. but this time, not so la.. Today, i've been to Residence Hotel in UNITEN, Bangi to follow my Senior Field Engineer to see how they conduct a seminar or talk on the products and its application.. Actually they not doing sells but more on technical advices. The seminar was attend by otai2 from JKR, Indah Water, KLCC, and so on. One of our lecturer was also there..The seminar was about "Structural Condition Monitoring and Audit". Make it simple, is about maintenance la. I was joining the Hilti team to give the talk and demo on one of the products which is can be used in building maintenance work. Our slot only takes about 1 hour .

At first, i thought our training lesson for today is to know how to conduct a product presentation, but i was wrong. I learned so many things today.. Before we entered the room, me and my two friends was given a short brief for what we have to do during the seminar .. After that, ahh this one i dun really like.. Our senior engineer gave us a task.. a BIG task for me la but maybe not for my friends.. They ask us to approach them (the seminar participants) which mostly gonna be Hilti's client, if we made approach them la.. and make a slow conversation with them and ask for their contact number.. Pergh! killer punyer task lah! Im weak in approaching people you know, dunno why.. hahaha.. agak berpeluh jugak la even duduk dalam aircond sejuk yang teramat.. Imagine me la, try to approach the professional peoples.. saye hanya budak baru belajar..its kinda hard for me really.. gelabah lebih! Later on, kami akan lebih banyak bergaul dengan orang like consultants and so on. Walaweh!

But lucky me, Encik Rais and Cik Atikah was there for me. Encik Rais was the testing engineer which i knew since my 1st day training and Cik Atikah, Field engineer jugak, baru kenal hari ni. And what i can say about her, she's pretty and giler tak sombong. senang bergaul dengan die.. and we got a lot in common.. hehehe.. Both of them banyak beri advice and talk about their experiences which make me more comfortable.. even i can say, i failed the task, but i learned something la.. just need some times to deal with it.. thnx to them! Fuh! im very disappointed with myself.. but! i need to improve myself after this! YEAH! YOU CAN DO IT MIE! HUGA HUGA! hahaha.. okaylah,, mahu muhasabah diri jap! Daaaaa


hannah joe said...

yap! u can do it sista!
jgn kuciwa2 dah

nurinkhairi said...

mimie.. :)
x paham, knp kene bagi task to approach people? is it part of transferrable life skills yang korang kene ada or is it because dia nak korang jadik salesperson? haha sorry kalau andaian salah dan merepek.

Baby Chantek said...

kak long..tu namanya dorang nak korang blajo how to communicate ngan pro people!Byk gunanya dlm kerjaya nanti..

mimie kusya said...

Hannah: oyeh! thnx daling! muahhs

Adibah comel: ohh.. both i think.. kite mmg ade masalah nak memulekan conversation.. im not the type of friendly people.. hak3.. hey! 1st time u komen.. kinda excited plak..hehe..

Mummy: hemm tula.. tapi mie baru mule nak blaja..tup2 dah suh communicate cam gitu.. dgn profesional people lagih.. mane tak gugup.. tp sket2 mie dah pandai tegur org.. be more friendly..hehe

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...


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