Thanx so much Hilti!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hi all! hehehe..i dunno how to express my clear sense rite now. first and foremost, I wanna thank Allah! Alhamdulillah! Finally i got a place and my application for Industrial Training has been accepted! Thnx so much to Hilti Malaysia.. if you still remember, i've mentioned a few times about Hilti in my previous post. At first, i refuse to apply my application at hilti coz i dont have much confidence especially communicating in english, since its an international company rite.. but, i guess i must try not to let it be the most fear things to me... u know what, Hilti was my 7th attempt in searching for trainee position. Fuh! million thanks to my friend Hafizal for willing to help me in this. He is the one who recommended me to them. Thanx yah! Alhamdulillah.. i shouldnt have to be worried anymore.. hehehe yeay!

p/s: huweee.bandar sunway i come!


syanadya said...

tahniah tahniah dear
smoga success slaluk

mimie kusya said...

hehehe thnxxxx syanadya!

Yuki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mimie kusya said...

hehehe tak main panas pon dik.. duk dlm office buat testing2 rasenye.. duk dpn laptop jek.. myb kalu ade site visit br ikut..hehe

M.r.B.zaCk said...

Okeh lor tuh..

Tapi ade geng dpt kt Offshore kn..?
Awk x ikot skali..
Tapi x balik kg la jwbnyer..

Mardhia Yusof said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mardhia Yusof said...

wow..congrats sis!!
i'm happy for u too..

p/s: u r just awesome!=]

Liquid said...

congrats ea cik mimie..!! =D

mimie kusya said...

Mardhia: heeee thnx so much syg! tqtqtqtq hehe im just lucky fuh..

Liquid: time kacih kamu! habes la asyik melepak kat bandar sunway je nnti

zzxxcc said...

kim salam kat abang gemok pakai spek mata tu nanti :D

Miss Hazzy said...

moga berjaya la nnti!!!

M.r.B.zaCk said...

good luck...!!!!!!!!
Keje dengan baek!

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