I got an asthma attck after a long time

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey people! how ya duin? ahaaa.. yesterday i was joining Hilti's team handled the seminar at the Hilti centre for the Syarikat Prasarana Sdn Bhd. Its the same seminar i was attend before this with my coursemate last April i guess.. Well okay, the seminar started at 10 a.m and i was there to give support and help whenever needed lah. At the morning, i was just fine.. just hav a small cough and flu bcoz of the 'freezing' room.

Suddenly, i started to feel dizzy n couldnt hardly breath.. luckily Zai was sit besides me. he slowly bring me to the outside to take the fresh air.. Oh Gosh.. i didnt expect it could happen that day.. after 1-2 years, it came back..actually i didnt get asthma since i was born, ive had it when was in Matrix Melaka. I felt terrible coz make people worried. but alhamdulillah, after a few minutes, everything turns okay and i felt much better after that. Thnx guys.. i bought my inhaler already.. dun worry i wont get pengsan la orait.. if u guys ejek2 me lepas ni, kenela dgn i nanti.. i pam mulut dgn inhaler tu.. hahaha..

Then after office hour, i rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy the inhaler. At first I forgot the brand name of inhaler i used before, but only remember the case is the purple colour one. Then i know its the Seretide Evohaler.. But i didnt buy that one, i tried the cheapest one since my asthma isnt so bad as before.. from now i have to depends on it...huhu but its okay then.. hope after this asma ni bertambah okay. Insyallah..

Today my dear buddy, Mr Vincent had an operation at Sunway Medial Centre regarding his tumor cancer near his ear and neck. Hope he'll be just fine.. always pray for his health.. Hey, dun worry kay.. later i belanja u bile dah sihat orait.. oyeah! okayla.. dun feel pretty well actually right now.. wanna take some rest first.. orait...daaaa


suezensuzanna said...

take a good care of urself k

mimie kusya said...

oyeah! thnx my dear! insyallah

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