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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hiii guys! Misss me?? i know you are.. hehehe well im back now! Back from where? No where actually.. Its just i dun have much time to update the news.. hehehehe.. No worries! This week ive gone through so many things.. Ade yang happy, best, memenatkan pon ade, dan jugak menyedihkan bagi i.. Ok let me tell u one by one okay.. heeee

Last Tuesday,23 Jun, my supervisor came and visited me and my other two friends here at Hilti. He is En Mohammad Bin Ismail a.k.a En Mat.. he's a very nice guy. So, he came to see whether we are doing okay during the training and also to give an assessment on our Log book.. and the best thing is,Encik Safwan selaku penyelia industri i kat sini give highest mark for my performance at Hilti. Weee.. Terima Kasih! heeee.. i have another 3 weeks to go here and then taraaaa.. wish i can work at Hilti but ive plan to do my master first before go for my first job.. yeah!

Today, as usual ive done some designs for Hilti's client.. Makin hari makin suke dengan keje technical support, buat design kat sini.. but hari ni agak menyedihkan kan sedikit sebab one of Hilti's staff, Miss Atiqah, will leave the job and continue for her further studies... Sedih sebab even baru kenal, agak rapat dn selesa berkawan dengan die.. Just can say that, BEST OF LUCK sis! Since today is her last day, me, my friends and her close team mates had a lunch together at Sunway Piramid. I've bought her a cute 'kitty' bear as her present. hope she like it.. hehehe..

After that, before we went back to office, kami tertarik dengan satu game yang ade kat sane. Its a promotion of Bion 3 products. Permainannye berasaskan surf boarding.. Sangat seronok dan kelakar tengok orang yang main tu termasuk la Zai and miss Atiqah. I tak main sebab hari ni i pakai baju kurung..hahaha.. Permainan tu menguji daya imbang badan anda... So, if you wanna try the game, go and try it! Its Fun! hehehe..

okaylah., i have work to do.. see ya later!

p/s: Counting my birthday in 4 days..hehe


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